Friday, January 06, 2006

Quick question for Friday

I am in the middle of a secret project, so this is going to be short.

This weekend, I am wondering what makes a great Knit-Along? (hint, hint)

For instance, I was lucky enough to participate in Socktoberfest, run by that snappy gal Lolly. Wonderful!

But what made it wonderful? I have some real ideas, but I am wondering what YOU think.

The secret should be revealed early next week, so stay tuned.

(And a second question...has anyone used Shine from Knit Picks? How does it hold up? I might retry the snake sweater, but I am out of Cotton Ease...any comparison?)


knittinmom said...

Hmm, so many secrets! For me, the key to my actually participating in a knit-along is comeraderie and it being something I actually want to knit. I also seem to need some structure...

I personally don't like knit-along blogs since it seems like it's hard to keep track of who's doing what and I don't like having to post progress in 2 places (my blog and the knit-along blog). I loved Socktoberfest because I got to post on my own blog and Lolly linked to it. I loved getting the extra blog hits on the days that she posted that I had something done. I also really like the Knitting On The Road Along, which is set up as a Yahoo group, because I love the patterns so much. I've also joined a few knit-alongs that I've totally flaked out on...bad me!

Karen said...

Along the lines of what Chrissy said about the comeraderie - a great part of KAL's is a group you can go to for help, tips and inspiration. Although, I do like KAL blogs because it's one main place to see what everyone is doing. I found with Socktoberfest, I probably didn't click on every link to finished socks, but on a KAL blog it's easy to scroll down and see the pictures. But Chrissy does have a point about it being difficult to keep track of who is who. Can't wait to hear more about your KAL!! I may have a tiny idea about what it involves, but I'll keep my mouth zipped!!

Sydney said...

I don't enter many KALs, but I loved Socktoberfest. My reasons are similar to others. The comaraderie keeps me inspired and motivated. The nice thing about Lolly's KAL was that there were few expectations and no pressure. You just had to knit on socks. You didn't even have to finish your socks. My schedule can get hectic from time to time, with little knitting time, so that kind of KAL works out well for me. I am also not a fan of KAL blogs. I find it hard to keep track of who is doing what. That's another reason I liked Socktoberfest. It's probably more work for the organizer though.

Bear Knits said...

I haven't used Shine yet but it will be used in my upcoming project.

I join KALs to be inspired and get encouragement from others. I'll be checking back to see what the secret is all about.

Acornbud said...

I agree. Lolly did such a gret job of acknowleging all the socks and I liked the linking and got to visit many blogs I would have never found. And, the project was something I wanted to do and doable for me at the time and in the time frame.