Tuesday, January 10, 2006

That Friend

You know how we all have THAT friend. You’ve known each other forever, even before you got new last names, and real jobs, and stretch marks. You know the one…she always calls at just the right time?

Well my friend is named Julie.

A letter from Julie (Merve was the code name for my then - boyfriend, hah!)

We’ve known each other since middle school out in Southern California. We were both east coast transplants. And before we met people always got us confused. I always had these weirdoes walking up and saying “Hey Julie, guess what?” and then rattling on while I stood there thinking “I do not know her, why is this freak talking to me?”

Well one day I rounded the corner and literally ran into this girl. As we stepped back and started to apologize we both just stared for a second. I pointed and shouted “Julie!” and she pointed and shouted “Becca!”. It had been happening to her too. Maybe it was our East-Coast aura that made people confuse us.

We’ve been friends ever since.

So, why am I telling you this?

Two days ago I had this big “must call Julie” vibe. I didn’t, since it was noon, and she was at work.

So then I get an e-mail, and she has just been approved to adopt a little girl from China. And there is a name, and a picture. So cute!

So, I need to knit something. This is an 18 month old, so she really doesn’t need a baby blanket. But I think I have decided what to do.

Two years ago I knit an Anouk for girl #2. I used Paton’s Grace in light green and violet. I’ve had it hanging in their room for decoration (and yes, I decorate with knitting, it’s bonkers, I know). Yesterday she pulled it down and tried it on for dress up.

It still fits. Is this not the best pattern ever?

So I am thinking, this would be the perfect thing for a toddler who is small for her age. A grow-with-me garment.

Now the big problem is color. I need something other than green and purple, so I am heading up to the store tomorrow to see if they still cary Grace, and we’ll move on from there.

Oh, a side note, my header of the blog is a close up of my version of Anouk. It shows the colors much better than the photo.


jessie said...

Adorable. Tell your friend I have a daughter from China. Adopting her (and travelling there with my husband and two stepsons) was the best experience of our lives!!! Hard to believe it was 6 years ago.

I made a dark eggplant sweater for our baby while we waited to adopt her, and then in a fit of generosity and warm fuzzies, I gave the sweater to an acquaintance who had just returned from China with HER 2 yo daughter. She barely thanked me, never wrote a thank you note, and never even handed it down to my daughter when hers outgrew it. Argh. That's what I get for being nice for a change.

Anyway, FWIW, my daughter looks great in white, black, eggplant, and any bright colors, esp. fuchsia. Have fun choosing your colors! And congrats to your friend.

ErLeCa said...

That's going to be perfect. Congratulations to Julie!

knittinmom said...

Aaaah! That is so awesome! My husband and I just discussed doing that a month or so ago. He was absolutely horrified to hear about how little girls get dumped in orphanages because everybody wants boys. Anouk would be a perfect gift!

christine said...

I wondered about your banner......it is sure gorgeous!

Bear Knits said...

Congratulations to Julie! BTW, yours is the best Anouk I've seen!

Gina L said...

Thanks for filling me in on the socks. I love this story. Yes, I do have "that friend" too. The envelope is priceless! Anouk what wonderful dress, if only I could knit it! The plum and pink colorways are really pretty. I love green too but it is not good on all complexions.

Wanda said...

That's so awesome for your friend and great timing sense too. I love Anouk and think it will be the perfect thing.

tammy said...

Congrats to Julie & her family!! I have "that friend", we met in college in So Cal. Some guy that I had never seen before, ran up to me, grabbed me, & kissed me passionately! He was looking for Irene. Irene & I finally met & became great friends. I am her bridesmaid, & she is NOT marrying the kissing bandit!

Christina said...

Wow, what a beautiful dress! I'm sure it will look great on your friend's daughter!