Sunday, October 09, 2005

Button bands are the work of Satan

Hear that sound? That is the sound of the pre school cardigan (with hood) whooshing towards completion.

The only problem? You guessed it…button bands.

In the past 24 hours I have tried 6 different types, several of them more than once, all of them looking rather wonky. Devil is in the details, ya’ know?

Frankly if I could I’d go back and do zippers, but we went to the store yesterday, and girl #1 got to pick out the buttons. They are a pearly white, but shine pink. She loves them. Mom must make the buttons work.

So, I have decided to do loops out of i-chord and be done with it. I am really kicking myself in the pants for not incorporating the button holes into the cables along the front as I went. Lesson learned. I am not much on bulky projects (if merino on size 8’s is bulky) and will probably not like the button holes I can knit at this scale.

Oh, and to prove my new allegiance with the dark side…I am now festooning my children in leftover bits of yarn.

I know it is cruel, but I can’t stop. I love this yarn too much.

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