Monday, October 17, 2005


Here is the beginning of my Soctoberfest socks. Obviously toe-up. I couldn't find a cable pattern I liked, so I came up with this. They are called "Crazy Eights" for now.

I am currently stalled...I am not sure how complex to make the cables around the back. I have this symmetry thing, notice the cables are mirror images of each other. I am trying to decide if I should just do the same thing around back, or something else. I'll decide when the kids go to bed. I am incapable of thinking with them in the room.

It is in Knit Picks Essential in Grass. Clearly we are in a green mood down here. Must be all this sun. I wanted to get these done before playing with the stripes on the Alpaca socks. Last week was all mom stuff. This week is dedicated to knitting, so it should all get done.

And just for the record fall is very weird in Florida. I keep finding myself turning up the AC in my car and squinting at the huge tree with red flowers on my way to pre-school in the morning just to pretend it is a real fall. My Virginia friends are REAL sorry for me, what with the lows near 70 thing.

Very strange.

Added Note:

As I was putting the girls to bed Girl #2 asked me to tell her what crochet was...her comment after I explained: "Crochet!?? One Needle?!?! What the heck are you talking about???"

Cracks me up that knitting is so much a part of her
2.5 year old life that the idea of ONE needle is completely odd.

The birthday party that took over my life last week:

Girl #1 is FIVE!

Notice girl #2 on the right trying to help blow out the candles.


candsmom said...

Your girls are precious! I love the princess castle cake you made, too. Your Crazy Eights sock is fantastic!! Such a gorgeous color and the pattern is beautiful. I'm going to have to give toe-up another try. I had a bad experience with a strange ridge running up the center middle and immediately reverted to my cuff-down ways.

Girl #2 clearly understands the finer points of needlecraft. :-) Even though I like to crochet on occasion, I'm totally with her!

Bear Knits said...

Your socks look great! I still have to learn how to knit socks or cables. Greaet job on the castle cake!

JustApril said...

Hi, love the cables on your socks! We're just now getting a start with our socks. After the very first pair, we plan on adding our own cables..yay. Hope you check out our blog!
April & Mica

Laura said...

Those socks are gorgeous!! Can't wait to see them finished!

JustApril said...

We are using Knit Picks Essential sock yarn for our socks - It was on sale! I can't remember the color name, but I love it =)