Tuesday, October 25, 2005


The preschool cardigan is DONE!! I took all these great photos, lit by the sunset and everything. Only issue is I forgot to put in the memory stick (duh).

I asked her to model it again..."MOM, I have nose goopy and I am trying to sleep. No pictures!"

Girl #2 hid under her blanket:

So here is the compromise shot:

These are the front and back views. It looks much cuter on her. We scrapped the buttons on the hood. I may try that again later on another project, but since it is 45 degrees here in Daytona (eek!) this needed to get done.

Sorry for the wonky uplit photography, Next time I'll try to get the outdoor shots.

Oh, and for the record,
except for the girls themselves, the blanket Girl #2 is hiding under is the most successful thing I have ever made. More about that later...it's movie night!


candsmom said...

Your preschool cardigan is FABULOUS!!! Love it, love it. Child star models can be so temperamental. ;-) That blanket is fantastic, too. Love the pic of Girl #2 hiding. When are you sleeping getting all of this knitting done??! :-)

Oh, BTW, if you're willing to play, I'm tagging you with a Twenty Things About Me meme. Have fun!

knittinmom said...

The cardigan is too cute! I really like the color (I am quite partial to orange of almost any shade). Bummer about the missing pics - I'd love to see more detail of the stitch work around the hood and bottom/sleeves - it looks fabulous.