Saturday, October 15, 2005

No time for Knittin'

I'm grouchy, tired,'s why.

This is all I have knit in four days.


Girl #1 turned 5 this week, so insted I have been cleaning, baking, making gift bags, blowing up baloons. You know, mom stuff.

So when this bash is over this afternoon at 4 I am sitting down and knitting. For hours. I am not even cooking dinner tonight.

Oh, details about the gague swatch...Knit Picks Andean Treasure 100% Baby Alpaca in lagoon.

I am planning on using it for a pair of big fluffy socks for Soctoberfest, as soon as I get to knit again.


Laura said...

I am all over that color! It is gorgeous! Must. Not. Buy. More. Yarn.

I hope you get a chance to knit this weekend. My inlaws are coming in for the weekend, and we usually just end up sitting around "catching up." Would it be rude to spend that time knitting?

candsmom said...

That Andean Treasure is SO beautiful! Love the color. I know what you mean about being swamped with "mom stuff." My son's birthday falls a week before Christmas, and we tend to live in birthday cake/Christmas cookie wrapping paper chaos during that time. Hang in there and hope you get to knit till you drop- can you say pizza delivery tonight? :-)

bradyphrenia said...

wow, have you ever used 100% alpaca for socks before? i'm wondering how they hold up. you may be opening up a whole new world i never knew existed before. :-)