Monday, October 10, 2005

The husband moved my knitting

In my house exists an odd truce. I am a bit anal and like things alphabetized, arranged by size and such. I will also let things pile up if I do not have the time to put them away in an orderly way.

The husband, hates piles. They drive him batty, the way someone touching my #2 pencil gets to me. He will swoop through a room, jamming things into any little nook or cranny, just so there are no piles.

The girls are pretty used to all this. If anything is lost they both immediately say “Daddy moved it”. At the same time they nag me to hurry the whole time I am busy organizing. Like the day I decided it was more important to alphabetize the cans of vegetables than to do lunch. Bit hit that was.

Somehow we all coexist fairly peacefully.

Until today…

Granted, I had like three projects and all of their accompanying scrap yarn all over the living room. All seats taken. But still…I present, exhibit A:

Look at all those dropped stitches!

This poor hat. First the lost needle, now this.

Otherwise today was the day of errands. I have mentioned that we live in a crafting wasteland. It has taken me a week to find orange tissue paper. Girl #1 is 5 on Wed, so we have to take in treats. Like a fool I promised to make Jack-o-lantern treats like last year, but these need orange tissue paper to wrap.

So, no knitting yet today. I plan on making up for lost time tonight. Wish me luck.

This is a better shot of the grow with me hat, modeled by a grapefruit in a margarita glass.

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Laura said...

A grapefruit in a margarita glass! I love it!

I FREAK out when my knitting gets touched and sts get dropped. My poor kids. Someday they'll probably tell their therapists about it. ;)