Sunday, October 23, 2005

Sock it to me at Biketoberfest

I am not normally the type of person that would hang out at a big biker event. Not convinced? Here are three basic reasons why:

1) I do not drink beer
2) I have no tattoos
3) They do not serve hot tea or sell yarn

But, we just moved here and we are trying to soak in as much local culture as possible.

It was fun for about an hour. Seriously though, the bikes are amazing, and it is great people watching.

Like I promised, I got a picture of my Socktoberfest Sock at Biketoberfest.

Yes, I looked like a total moron, but I wasn’t wearing THIS top:

I’d rather look silly with a sock. The hands are fake. This was right before a guy asked me to touch his flamingo. They have gotten rid of the public nudity aspects, but it is still a bike event.

Speaking of socks, The Crazy Eight pattern should be up later today or tomorrow morning. I keep getting interrupted by children…The Husband is working today.

And lastly, here’s the yarn the girls and I dyed a few days ago:

It might be socks, or gloves. I have to free up my size 1 needles before deciding.


candsmom said...

Your Biketoberfest pics are too funny! I especially like the juxtaposed Socktoberfest/Biketoberfest pic. Kudos to you for going out of your comfort zone to experience it. Touch his flamingo, huh? Just when you think you've heard every line in the book...

The yarn looks great swatched up. They'll make some fun socks (or gloves, but I've got socks on the brain big time right now). :-)

knittinmom said...

Okay, that bikini top with the fake hands is too funny. Hard to believe someone would wear that in public, even at a biker rally!

Love the Crazy 8s - another pair of socks to add to the never-ending to-do list!

christine said...

Thanks for the pattern! I love the Crazy 8's and will definitely be knitting these......great job!

tammy said...

That is sooo funny! although I have tons of tattoos, I have never been the biker type either. BUT, I did work for a Harley Davidson dealership for 6 years. I was the lead buyer for the clothing & general merchandise division. The bikes are cool, & some of the people are truly good people. It's just like anywhere you go, some are good & some are bad.
Love the sock bike photo, especially the strand of yarn trailing out of the photo frame! : )
I hope you didn't touch the flamingo! Never touch a strange man's flamingo.
: )
btw, the cardigan looks amazing! good work.