Wednesday, October 05, 2005

I need this.

Well, maybe not NEED, but want in a big way.

Generally speaking I am so happy to just look at knitting books. The girls and I head to Barnes and Noble reading time, and while they clap along to Truck Tuesday, or whatever the theme is I can flip through the latest books. Then go home without having spent a dime

Well, today they had a whole pile of these. It really is great. Some of the books recently have been either too basic, or too wacky. This is a good in between. Difficult enough to be fun. It has two great tree skirt patterns, both of which are really tempting. Lots of good gift ideas. Stuff with some real substance, like thigh-high stockings with great detail along the back seam. Unlike a lot of knitting books it shows several pictures of the projects so you have a good idea of what they should look like.

Really, I am not doing it justice…go have a look!


Laura said...

I need that, too. I almost went out and bought it yesterday, except that I am on Extreme Austerity Yarn and Knitting Book Diet. But what I now think I really need, is that Lux knitting book. :)

Thanks for commenting on my blog...hope you drop by often! I'll be checking in on your blog! :)

Lolly said...

That book is amazing. Just bought it. I put a preview up the other day on my blog, and it got everyone's attention!

Thanks for the email about joining Socktoberfest! I am glad you can be part of it. Looking forward to see what you have planned!

tammy said...

I tend to gravitate towards this book during downtimes at work. (It is really dangerous working in a yarn shop!) It's selling like hotcakes too!! I want to do the felted xmas ornaments.

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