Monday, October 03, 2005

Me, hoard YARN? You must be kidding.

OK, OK, I just ordered more yarn for the pre-school cardigan (it needs a hood). SO, since Knit Picks offers free shipping on orders more than $30, I had to go ahead and get enough to avoid those nasty shipping charges. I have totally cut out trips to the craft store since we moved. All we have is a Michael’s, and it is far away.

So really the spending all evens out. I actually spend less, since I don not buy things for non-knitting crafts. The ones that look good, like rubber stamps, but will never ACTUALLY get used. Unless you can figure out a way to use them on sweaters.

The thing is, I usually do not have this much on hand. I am getting a bit dizzy with all this yarn, all these unfinished projects on hand.

I had to undo the cardigan all the way to the pits. I had dropped one stitch on each arm when I joined them at midnight last night. I usually do not stay up that late, and really should not attempt difficult bits of knitting. Still, it is like getting to the last chapter of a good mystery novel. You know, the part where Miss Marple puts down her knitting and peers over her glasses to explain how the entire thing happened. I was at THAT point with the cardigan.

Either way, all mistakes mended. I redid it all while the girls played ball in the front yard. I had planned on posting a picture of my outside knitting spot and of the sweater, but the battery ran out right as we got outside. I’ll get them up tomorrow.

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