Saturday, October 08, 2005


Did I mention I was a high school teacher? Well, for the past ten years I taught mostly computer science and some math. I stay home now with the girls.

And I was one of THOSE math teachers. I knew it, I was funny about things. I liked my books to be lined up parallel by size. I used a chalk-chuck. I put up funny quotes from famous mathematicians. And if I had a dime for every time I said “hats off in the building”… well let’s just say I’d be knitting in Tahiti, not Florida.

Anyway, my biggest quirk was pencils. I had a thing about MY pencil. I prefer mechanical .05 lead. I try to use one for as long as I can without losing it. My students were not allowed to touch it. Ever.

I would actually go around looking for it, wasting precious planning period time, even though I had a zillion OTHER pencils I could use. It was the principal of the thing.

Besides, the joy of a good mechanical pencil that doesn’t squeak, or let the lead break too easily, is endless.

Well, I am the same about my knitting needles. I don’t own a ridiculous number considering how much I knit. I prefer sizes 2, 4 and 8. (Must be a weird binary thing, but I digress).

Yesterday I lost one of my size 4 DPNs. Painful, I know. I have had them for over a year now. I made them to make gloves for my sister for Christmas last year. And now one is missing.

The odd thing is I was using it, on the sofa. Girl #2 came in for a new sippy-cup of milk and by the time I got back it was gone. I have taken apart the sofa, and found some things a mother is better off not knowing about. But, no needle.

Also, since moving to this barren land (we’re within 5 miles of Daytona) there are no stores that sell Bamboo needles in size 4 DPN’s.

I am SO close to finishing my “grow with me” hat I am doing for an old reporter friend of my husband that is due to have the baby in seconds. I was planning on putting the pattern up here…it is the easiest pattern in the world and works for any size human.

So tomorrow it is off to find dowels and once more make some. Once I find dowels and craft a needle form scratch I’ll get the pattern up.

Wish me luck, the number of bikes here are picking up, I am assuming because we are almost to Biketoberfest.


candsmom said...

Quirky idiosyncrasies are endearing. :) I'm very sorry to hear about your DPNs, but I admit that I had to laugh about the sofa trouble that ensued after Girl #2 came in for her sippy cup. I have been there all too often, myself. I will not, under any circumstances, remove the seats from our sofa anymore. :)

Caroline said...

I came over here via a link at "Knitting on Trial" because you said you also have a "weiner dog". (I don't have a weiner dog, but I have six dogs, and I think almost all dogs are wonderful!). I don't see any pics of Bert, but after this post I'm staying. I never thought anyone else could understand my attraction to mechanical pencils (0.5mm lead *only*, please!) and stacking my books (even though they're taking over the coffee table) by size. I even arrange the outgoing mail by size on bill-paying day (makes it easier to make sure the mail carrier gets them all). Thanks for the validation!