Friday, October 28, 2005

A question for everyone

So this is how my morning started:

Early, very early. In the distance, a noise.

Stomp stomp stomp stomp stomp…(banging on the bedroom door) “Mom!!! She’s touching your knitting!!”

By the time I sprinted to the living room, Girl #2 had already put herself in the time out chair and was starting to cry saying “I so sorry, I so sorry”.

Sheesh. If only they’d follow the other rules with such fervor.

I have recently realized that in our house the actual rules and the enforced rules are very different. They say a lot about how our house runs…

Official House rules:

1. Share
2. No running inside
3. Be a helper

The rules that are actually enforced:

1. Don’t lick the furniture
2. Never touch mom’s knitting
3. Don’t lick your sister
4. Don’t touch dad’s circular saw
5. Really, stop licking things

So all of this has me thinking about rules for knitting. Let us all pause for a moment to reflect on how we limit ourselves in knitting without realizing it.

One of my big rules is no Acrylic. Especially Homespun. It makes my hands ache to think of it. But if I had followed that rule too closely then we wouldn’t have this:

This is Girl #1 in her creation play at preschool. She is a plant. Miss Teri, her teacher, is a casting genius. Girl #1 rarely speaks out loud outside of the house, and the plants only have one small singing part. Perfect fit. The petals are Homespun, and glad to say my hands are still attached.

The thing is, acrylic is OK, especially for a big quick costume.

Which brings me to another personal knitting rule:

Almost any life problem can be solved with knitting.

Really. Need a coaster? Knit one. Sweaty glass? Knit a holder. Want to meet interesting people when you go out? Take your knitting with you.

So I am curious to hear what you all think. What are your knitting rules? What happens if you break them? Any major life problem knitting has solved?

(Oh, and so everyone knows Girl # 2 was quickly removed from timeout, got her hug, and the next I saw her she was trying to lick honey off the kitchen table.)


Becky said...

Hmmm.... rules about Knitting. Well first let me say there are no "children" in my house, but if you count 1 husband and two very inquisitive doggies then you'd know that I need rules too.

I guess they are...

1. Never EVER set your beer or your glass down on the table with my knitting. Not the bookshelf either.

2. NEVER move my knitting and put it withing "stealing"distance of one very lovely Maggie, Pooch # 2, who loves LOVES to steal things, especially my shoes and yarn!

3. Alway compliment me and pretend to listen when I excitedly show you my knits or knits in progress.

Do they follow these? hmmmm Maggie steals the little "left overs" that hit the floor by my knitting chair alot! I think she's building herself a nest outside somewhere! Hubby doesn't fake interest very well in my knitting except when I knit ALIEN SCARVES, but they all know to GET THE HECK OUT OF THE WAY when the mailman heads toward the house with a box... those are always GOODIES FOR MOM!

Karen said...

I don't have any children yet either, but I have knitting rules for my husband.

1. Please don't talk until I've finished my row.

2. Do not sit on my working yarn (he does that ALL THE TIME).

and a rule for myself:
3. Stop every so often and talk to DH . . . he starts to feel neglected!! :(

cmeknit said...

Ha so funny! I have to think of my rules...I am so lucky my kids aren't lickers...but I have had the tattle tailing touched your knitting insident in which I turned into the devil...really, I scared myself!

candsmom said...

Too funny!! Our poor kids are going to grow up neurotic. :-P Bossy removed all the dpn's from a sock once....and then proceeded to puuuuullllll. With all the screaming that ensued, I'm surprised nobody called CPS. I'm sure I must have other knitting rules besides the obvious Don't-touch-the-knitting rule and its lesser-known corollary: If-you-touch-the-knitting-then-for God's-sake-don't-pull rule. I'll get back to you on that one. ;-) BTW, what *is* it with kids and licking??!!

The Stitchin' Sheep said...

Thanks for the comment you left on my blog. I'm enjoying reading yours. I've got that same, very firm rule of NO TOUCHING THE KNITTING!!!! It gets followed very well by the 4-year-old, but the temptation proves to be too much for the 2-year-old. The 4-year-old's favorite way to push mommy's buttons is to yell from the other room, "he's touching your knitting!" when it's not really true. She must get a kick out of seeing how fast I get there.

As far as rules in my knitting, I don't think I've really got any, though I do tend to avoid the acrylic like the plague.

quantumtea said...

No kids in the house, and both cats have learned not to touch the yarn or risk being hissed at severely.

I'm trying to train Hubby to appreciate the finished product, perhaps I should knit him another pair of socks.

One more rule: NEVER question the amount of yarn in the yarn closet. Never. Just accept it.

knittinmom said...

Trying to think of rules... In brain dead Halloween preparation stupor... Will be back later...

Bear Knits said...

How sad is this when my 2 year old son tells 7 year old sister "Not now Sis, Mom is knitting!"