Saturday, October 22, 2005

Letting go

Lets face it, I was a math teacher.

And before that an army brat…second generation. Both of my grandfathers were also career military.

My mother was the strict one. It is bad when you consider Dad the Airborne Ranger the “softie” parent. Mom was 100% German, and 100% rigid. There was a morally right and wrong way to do everything…like folding towels.

So, most of my adult life has been trying to let go of being so rigid. And I struggle with it most in being a mom. I am not a neat freak, like my mother. (Did I mention she mopped daily?? Sometimes twice??) Still, I can be a bit too exacting, especially with Girl #1.

So today’s project? Dyeing sock yarn. I have all the kool aid and the giant squirter thing. We need to do it today while it is still sunny out. I have visions of perfect rainbow blends, but they girls need to do this one, so I am trying to let go of the process. They have picked green, pink, purple and blue.

Personally I love the way this works. It is so snappy that you know it is done when the water turns clear.Tuti Fruiti Yarn
(Our yarn, ready to sun bathe)
Gotta run, Queen Amadala and Princess Leia have just arrived, I am a girl Darth Vader and have to go hide. May the force be with you.

Do you think Darth Vader knits, or is (s)he more the plastic canvas type?

Oh, and a side note...I am halfway done with typing up the Crazy Eights Pattern. We had a sitter and went to see Biketoberfest, so I ran out of time tonight. Sitter! Can you believe it??

Anyway, pattern and interesting bike pictures to follow.

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candsmom said...

That kool-aid looks so fun! I bought my KnitPicks dye-your-own wool a while ago- maybe I should give it a try soon. And I really like the color combo the girls chose- so fun and vibrant! Being a Type A mom myself, I know how hard it is to "let go" when what materializes physically differs from the vision in your head. You did good, though. ;-) I bet they really enjoyed themselves.

I'm betting Vader is a plastic canvas type. And how great that you got a sitter! Something I need to look into doing, as soon as I get my control freak tendencies in check. :-)